Why Simulate

Simulations train pilots, soldiers, logisticians and doctors — professions where learning is vital and mistakes can cost lives and big money.

But mistakes during simulations result in valuable teaching moments – with no harm done. We now see a dramatic increase in the use of human capital development simulations. The understanding and study of business is well suited to simulations. While business mistakes rarely cost lives, they can cost livelihoods.

The Perfect Adult Learning Environment

  1. Learners need to know why they must learn something; they are relevancy-oriented
  2. Learners learn best experientially
  3. Learners approach learning as a problem-solving exercise
  4. Learners learn best when the topic is of immediate value

Incomparable Engagement and Interactivity with Simulations

  • Hands-on experience teaches better and faster
  • Lessons anchor in mind and emotions
  • Dry financial data comes to life
  • Experiential learning moves people out of their comfort zone to stimulate fresh thinking
  • Simulation breathes life into a sometimes arid topics
  • Learners see, experience and drive the live linkages between business functions, decisions and results
  • Learner love interactive, realistic problem solving exercises
Learning Retention Levels
Source: National Training Labs, USA