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Unmatched Learning - Business Understanding + Business Acumen

Business Understanding + Business Acumen

Are you pondering over some of the questions below? If you are, our simulation programs will jump start the learning process:

  • Do our people demonstrate an understanding of how every one of their decisions affects their company's metrics?

  • When making decisions do our people actively consider the potential impact on other parts of the organization?

  • Do our people actively consider the financial implications of their decisions?

  • Do our people demonstrate an understanding of what they can do to accelerate the execution of their company's strategies?

  • Do our people demonstrate an ability to synthesize information about your Customers, your Competitors, and your own Company?

  • Do our people think and act in a holistic manner?

  • Do our people make decisions that are 90% of the time effective in contributing towards the growth objectives of the company?

Business Benefits : Clear, Immediate and Usable

  • A clear understanding of how the business actually ​makes money

  • Enhanced business acumen and commercial sense.

  • A better understanding of the company's strategy

  • Enhanced market based decision making skills

  • Spot, interpret and monetize business opportunities

  • Understanding and using Business Essentials:

    • What is my company's strategy? Why? Is it effective? What are the risks?

    • Growth, Margins and Profits

    • Business Velocities and Cash Flows

    • Customer buying criteria

    • Business Finance: comfort with numbers

    • Cross functional alignment - how do the functional pieces of a business fit together and work in unison for a thriving integrated business


Aligning program structure and content with the needs of your business

Our programs would always cover the core essentials of a business. However, we could provide emphasis and tailor areas to your primary learning areas and objectives to meet the unique needs of your organization. To assure maximum impact, training is scheduled at a site of your choosing, exclusively for your own group. Some common themes / areas of emphases are revenue, profits, strategy, finance, cross functional alignment to name a few.

Participant Benefits

Broaden your expertise

Given the need for today's top managers to possess broad expertise that spans business disciplines, our programs enable executives to quickly expand their knowledge base across all core functional areas through the program's integrated core curriculum. The rich scope and depth of our programs and the wide range of functional and industry discussions also provides exposure to valuable new perspectives on management.

Refresh your knowledge

Most senior executives do not have the time to constantly refresh their core managerial skills with the latest academic research and best practices. Even if they already have an MBA or related business degree, many executives are still relying on skills and principles learned years ago to manage in a business environment that changes dramatically every year. Our programs enables executives to quickly update and extend core management skills that apply directly to today's global, highly competitive, and dynamic business landscape.

Map your direction

The program enables participants to conceive, create, and iterate a road map for their businesses. As a result, participants return to their organization with both a plan and the tools to drive results.

Shape your organization's future

While making participants apply and learn from general management principles, our programs emphasize strategy and market leadership. The programs compellingly highlight the strategic impact of each core functional area of business and strategic leadership in the global economy. This focus enables executives who have devoted much of their careers to internally or operationally focused roles to step back, expand their perspectives, and identify breakthrough insights that will drive their organization's future success.

A Big Return on Investment

Our simulation experiences create huge value for your business!

Because teams actually engage in decision-making they acquire the knowledge and skills very quickly and are able to apply the learning to their jobs very fast. It is applied learning through self-discovery at its best! To help you achieve your business growth objectives and learning objectives, we work closely with you to understand your desired outcomes so that we can select the most appropriate simulation and emphasize the right aspects and topics of the simulation during the facilitated program.

Our simulations cut across business functions and teams have the opportunity to discuss and analyze business issues which have to be addressed in a functionally integrated manner.

The Capstone® Learning Environment

Deriving from the desired outcomes above, the Capstone® learning environment, is:

  • Highly interactive

  • Is team-based

  • Treats learning as a cycle

  • Builds incrementally upon each insight

  • Allows time for reflection , consolidation and internalization

  • Embraces mistakes as a tool for learning

  • Provides the big picture and an opportunity to connect the dots

  • Nurtures new mental models

There are lots of Executive and Management courses out there. How is this one different?

It is very CEO’s dream to have a managers who :

  • Have a broader cross functional understanding of the business

  • Understand the financials behind business decisions

  • Understand their company's strategy and how it makes money

  • Can help take company on the road to profitable growth

Our programs address these key drivers, providing the an environment where participants learn by doing by solving problems in a realistic business environment. Our programs are all about action and application. Participants are given all the tools and help they need not only to apply the learning from the training, but to make it an integral part of their day-to-day management and decision making.

The materials are timely and instantly relevant; this isn't education in a dry vacuum. Our facilitators are constantly combing current news and global events to bring cases and media coverage into the program - thought-provoking topics that help the group explore what's really going on in their industry and in the business world today. Finally learning environment is non-intimidating, and at the same time, intensely interactive. There are no soporific monologues, no formulaic or canned presentations.

Aligning course structure and content with the needs of your business.

The structure and content of our programs can be aligned to meet the unique needs of your organization. To assure maximum impact, training is scheduled at a site of your choosing, exclusively for your own group.