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Evolved versus custom simulations

Evolved versus Custom Simulations

Evolved versus Custom Simulations

Evolved simulations such as Capstone® and Foundation®; provide better training than custom simulations.

Many businesses believe their business is unique. When it comes to training, they make what seems a logical leap to the assumption that to train their people, they need a simulation that mirrors their industry. There is a flaw in the assumption. When managers' minds are constrained within the boundaries of the issues they deal with day after day through a custom-made simulation, two things happen: first, they begin to critique the model and find reasons why it is not an exact reflection of their industry and second, they are not motivated to think out of the box.

Capsim® uses Foundation® and Capstone® to train people in aerospace, pharmaceuticals, retail, automotive, white goods, medical devices, consumer electronics, investment banking, insurance, electricity generation, semi-conductors, software, telecommunications, oil & gas, diesel engines, earth moving equipment and other industries. The simulations give participants a completely new business model within which they can take risks, explore options, think in new ways and – most importantly – discuss how their new insights can be applied to their own jobs.

Custom simulations are valuable in teaching specific skill sets for specific tasks. However, years of experience demonstrates that to train managers in strategic skills or overall business acumen, an evolved simulation is the better choice.

Consider these reasons for choosing Capstone® or Foundation® to boost learning potential for business simulation-based seminars:

  • A custom simulation is written to reflect a specific company's beliefs or industry's norms. It closes participants' minds because they inevitably begin to think, "does this simulation really reflect our company's experience?" It also may leave participants with the impression that they know everything they need to know, when the greatest threat to a manager or executive is the things they don't yet know that they don't know!

  • An evolved simulation is not constrained by existing market realities so it can expose managers to other aspects of business. It takes their thinking into unfamiliar realms and generates better, more creative business thinking.

  • An evolved simulation has been scrutinized and shaped by ideas drawn from hundreds of business school professors, managers and executives, and hundreds of thousands of participants.

  • An evolved simulation is supported by a skilled staff that can assist trainers and participants alike. No question can be posed they cannot answer. No problem can emerge that they cannot solve.

  • If a custom simulation were as rich and robust as Capstone® or Foundation®, it would require significant server space. Capstone® and Foundation® are online and require no space.

  • Buyers can test an evolved simulation in advance. A custom simulation is paid for first, on a take-it-or-leave-it basis.

The Capsim® evolved simulations are used by companies in a wide range of industries, from heavy equipment manufacturers, pharmaceuticals and IT designers and manufacturers to insurance companies and retailers.