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Delivery Options

Flexible Delivery: Get it the way you want it

Delivery Options

Flexible Delivery: Get it the way you want it

Facilitated Workshops are great because there's more interaction and opportunity for discussion. It's a very rich experience as participants learn from each other as much as from our facilitator. Competencies are developed through problem solving in a competitive environment in the simulation, self-discovery, team discussions and facilitated group discussions. Management theory/content tailored to the client's needs is integrated into the discussions led by our facilitator/consultant.

Whether part of a larger management development effort or, a stand-alone workshop, teams run the simulation at different points in a workshop.

During the simulation debriefs, linkages between the simulation, topical content and your real business are discussed. This is the ultimate in applied learning!

Delivery Formats and Duration

The program is flexible in terms of its delivery format. Its delivery format determines the duration of the simulation. The following delivery formats are available:

  • On-site program ( typically 2 days): Your managers would come together at a business centre / training retreat for a 2 days' exhaustive program. They would complete multiple rounds on the business simulation with a Capstone® Facilitator.

  • Online delivery: Your managers can choose the pace at which they would like to do the simulation. They may opt to go for one or two rounds a week. That would mean that they would complete the simulation between 2 weeks to 8 weeks.

  • Hybrid (Blended) Format:One day or half day onsite and balance delivery online.

  • Custom Format:We could explore varied delivery options to suit your learning needs.