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Managerial Finance

Why Business Finance?

Managerial Finance

Why Business Finance?

Ultimately its all about the numbers ….Everything we do in business is an attempt to move the numbers… How can we do that if we don't understand the financial implications of business decisions?

Are your managers financially literate? In the game of business, do they understand how to keep the score? How to change the score? Without financial literacy, even participating in the game can be nothing more than a passive presence.

Irrespective of business function or industry, knowing how to read financial statements is invaluable throughout one’s career, in analyzing business opportunities, assessing financial risks, and communicating ideas to others.


Master the tools for making smart financial decisions

Because whether you're a wizard of finance or a non-financial manager, performance is measured the same way—in dollars and cents!

Through the program, managers with little or no financial training or experience will learn to use the language, tools, and techniques of accounting and finance. Complex principles are presented in practical, understandable terms in a friendly, supportive environment with a plethora of contextual examples. Participants, will be able to return to their organization with the confidence to analyse financial information and participate fully in making business decisions.

Participants will

  • Get a firm grasp of the numbers side of their jobs and company

  • Be able to spot opportunities, evaluate potential and make recommendations in the manner required by upper management.

  • Gain greater confidence with a working knowledge of business financials

  • Learn how to “think finance” and translate performance into financial terms

  • Understand the business dynamics of dollars and cents—and take initiatives that meet short- and long-term goals

  • Take the guesswork out of decision making and deliver a better bottom line

  • Expand their professional expertise—and their career opportunities

Format and Duration

The seminar leaders use lectures, group exercises and class discussions to create an effective environment for learning - financial tools and concepts. The formats extend from one day to three days as per the scope and depth of learning.