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Target Audience

Transforming your managers into great business leaders

Transforming your managers into great business leaders

Who will benefit?

Our programs are designed for anyone whose work impacts or should impact your company's bottom line and who would benefit from a more solid base of business knowledge and understanding.

High potential employees are ideal candidates, as well as successful professionals who have excelled in their specialized discipline- engineering, HR, IT, R&D, sales, HR, manufacturing, supply chain - and are assuming expanded management responsibilities. The training equips your decision makers with critical business skills that might otherwise take years to develop. It can also be an excellent refresher, and often a valuable eye-opener, for experienced managers, even if they already have advanced business degrees.

Some High Level Benefits

  • Enhanced Business Acumen

  • Improved market-based decision making skills

  • Clearer understanding of the company's strategy

  • Better alignment of strategies and implementation

  • Effective and applicable understanding of how various functional decisions effect the numbers

  • Enhanced financial literacy

  • Improved cross-functional collaboration and teamwork

  • Improved problem-solving based on customer needs, competitor information and company data