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Gagandeep Chawla
Vice President, Shell
“Veer has run multiple programs for our middle and senior level managers on business & commercial acumen and strategic thinking. His programs offer an intense and challenging curriculum, interesting global perspectives and are packed with insights practical solutions for key business challenges being faced today. Eminently useful and applicable for managers and our business. Most highly recommended and a high return on investment.”

Imran Shaikh
Director Consulting at CGI
A very unique experience attending the program with Veer. This program blows absolutely everything else out of the water! Loved every minute of those long hours reflecting on the insights and connecting the dots. Excellently anchored and delivered by Veer; he kept challenging the audience with new paradigms and models. A fantastic program, loads of learning and superb facilitation. A must for any consultant. Thank you Veer.

Manoj Nair
AVP & Head of Marketing – Infosys BPM
Prof Veer Mehta conducted a series of leadership development programs for our middle and senior leadership teams. Our attempt was to make our senior managers think like CEOs, be able to appreciate the external and internal business dynamics and correlations that are existent in any company and industry. His programs achieved this wonderfully. It provided our managers with a compelling, real world experience that is quite impossible to replicate without a live simulation. We saw a perceptible enhancement in business understanding and confidence that our mangers exhibited in projects they undertook post the program. Thanks Prof Mehta. Your programs are well remembered. Your inimitable style and real world examples can liven up the most dreary topic!

Anshuman Pareek
Vice President: Apollo Munich Health Insurance Co Ltd
“Kudos to Veer for the way he conducts the entire program, allows (in fact pushes) participants to open up their minds and think on the business models, strategy, plans…”

Rita Gupta
Sr. Mgr- Corporate Strategy & R&D
“I attended the integrative strategy simulation program for senior leaders that Veer ran for our senior cohort…. his program is packed with insights and practical tools….Thanks Veer!”

Rishabh Maheshwari
Senior Associate at EY, Corporate Finance & Strategy Practice

“Veer’s strategic management program was simply an eye opener! Fantastic grasp of the subject, great exposition and a flood of examples and tools. I am never going to forget the program.”

Partha Chakrabartty
Marketer | Social Entrepreneur | Independent Journalist | Professional Editor | Certified Educator
Prof. Mehta is articulate, structured and informed. His lectures featured a continuous stream of insights, born out of his no-nonsense approach to business concepts, devoid of fluff and wishful thinking. The course itself was thoroughly enjoyable, and should be a must in any B-School student’s repertoire.

Vardhman Kothari
Director at Yahska Polymers Pvt. Ltd.
Simply wonderful program. Prof Mehta makes the topics lively, interesting and absolutely real world. There was no part of the program where I was wondering how will I use this concept in the real world. Highly recommended

Subhrajit Chakraborty
Senior Consultant at EXL analytics
A memorable and moving program. I’m not going to forget this course in a hurry. Amazing delivery, great communication skills and excellent grasp on the subject. Don’t miss this program.

Gurudutt Deshpande
Manager – Management Consulting – Transformation Practice at KPMG India
An absolutely unforgettable and immensely practical course on Strategic Management by Prof Mehta. The real world examples and and his ability to link the text book the real world situations was fantastic

Himanshu Agrawal
Project Manager at HSBC, Risk & Regulatory Programmes
I attended Prof Veer Mehta’s month long strategy program. A wonderful experience indeed! He has complete mastery on his topic and his lecture left the audience spellbound. The course was full of lively, relevant everyday examples and had concepts which could be used in every day life. I could connect with the… See more

Rishabh Maheshwari
Director, Business Transformation at Fiserv
Veer’s strategic management program was simply an eye opener! Fantastic grasp of the topic, great fundas and simple and powerful delivery. I am never going to forget the program.

Dr . Nidhi Saxena
Management Professional
Attended a leadership program conducted by Veer , and the program was a very well structured program which was facilitated very well by Veer , i would recommend the program as it is definitely a value add to your experience …

Vanashree Thorat
Research Analyst at Cheers Interactive
Mr.Veer Mehta is a rare breed of personalities who can inspire you in one sitting down while also giving you a hands on of how dreams and goals can be achieved. His attention to the basics of management principles made his business simulation course an instant hit among the entire batch and due to his teaching style…

Udit khanna
Project Manager at Tata Consultancy Services
Prof Veer Mehta’s Business Simulation program was the absolutely fantastic! I learnt more about business here than on any other program I can think of. Thank you! It was a great experience to actually steer a complete business in its totality, right from its vision and strategy to the nuts and bolts of execution…

Sankalp Dubey
Program Manager at Hewlett-Packard
Veer is among the best of Strategic brains I came across in my stint at B School. The thing that strikes me most is his practicality, which reflects in Capstone Simulation game, nearly bringing the market on your desktop. Brilliant motivator and a brilliant orator.

Vibhu Anurag
GMAT | GRE | IELTS | TOEFL | PTE | SAT Trainer & Admissions Counsellor
Mr. Mehta was instrumental in giving us an insight into the practical aspects of running a business and his guidance helped us gain a macro-level view of the organization. It was due to him that we completed Capstone with flying colours and I owe a part of the development of my business acumen to Veer. I wish hi… See more

Satyajeet Jaiswal

Prof. Mehta teaching through capstone gave me perfect platform to test my skills before I stepped into the real business world. It was a precursor to the challenges one faces in a highly competitive and dynamic world. His strategic inputs on how to deal with various internal and external aspects of business prove… See more

Tanmoy Mitra
AML Compliance | Senior Business Analyst
Veer Mehta’s Business Simulation program has been the highlight of my management education. It has helped in understand and link so many of the concepts in accounting, marketing, operation, strategy and finance. I can now clearly see how business decisions in one business area have num… See more

Ronil Sinha
Experience in | FMCG | Fashion Retail | Loyalty & CRM | Mobile & Social | Telecommunications |
During the course of my Executive MBA at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Mr. Veer Mehta was our facilitator cum mentor for the Strategy Business Simulation. This simulation is an amazing way to understand the intricacies of a business, the key decisions that have to be taken as a future leader and its impact

Dr. Neetika Batra
Dean & Prof. Finance, SOIL
Prof Veer Mehta through this business simulation, brings to life business concepts and frameworks like few others. He has been conducting Business Simulation Programs annually since 2011 for our management students which is one of our best received courses…

Piyush Patel
Analytics and Consumer Insights at Reliance Retail | IIM Lucknow

Prof. Mehta can bring together ideal theory and pragmatic business practice in a fashion rarely found in B-School classrooms. His clarity of concepts and the ability to break complex strategy problems into simple actionable tasks made Capstone a thoroughly enjoyable course at IIML. Add to that Prof. … See more

Shekhar Sachdev
Anuj Rice Mills Pvt Ltd
I undertook Business Simulation where Veer was our  guide. He is an excellent communicator and motivator. His has great insight into business strategy and passed on the same to us very effectively through the training program.

Pankaj Baid
Senior Analytics Consultant | McKinsey & Co Professor
Veer is known for his art to teach even the toughest concepts in a simplistic manner. MBA is never complete without his insights on market movements and trends. It was a real pleasure to have the opportunity to learn from him. Wish you touch great heights in your future endeavours.

Ashish Chauhan
Manager at Myntra
Prof. Veer Mehta introduced the Integrated Business Simulation Program to us during our Post Graduate Program Gurgaon. His in-depth knowledge in business had helped us understand the idea and use this program to our benefit at the highest level. He delivered the program in very amazing and effective wa…

Dr. Adwaita Govind Menon
Senior Specialist – Human Resources
I have known Veer for over 6 years now. Our interactions began as we discussed Business Simulation  as a simulation for some of the B-Schools I have been associated with. Veer does a fabulous job with the participants during the simulation and ensures that the learning is of the highest quality. He brings in his vast experience i…

Ajith Asok Menon
Insights Lead at QBE Insurance
Prof Veer Mehta’s and his superb strategy course and simulation has overwhelmingly been one of the highlights of my management education! His clear messages will touch your mind and heart with its incisive logic and piercing relevance. He is a passionate speaker and conveys business concepts in a way that few other …

Saurabh Kumar Sinha
Business Strategy I Brand Marketing and Sales I Product Innovation

During my MBA from IIM Shillong, Veer guided & took us through the entire Strategy Business Simulation course. Quite honestly, the amount & depth of understanding of running a business & managing its all facets by making strategic calls at right time, that Capstone provided us was unparalleled While books a…

Aastha Tomar
FX & Derivatives | Debt Capital Markets | MBA Finance | Electrical Engineer | Sustainability
Mr Veer introduced Capstone to us during our MBA and I must say the concepts he taught us about doing business and how to increase profits/market share and become a leader in industry are so fresh in my mind. He has unique way of explaining complex things in a simplified manner. The way capstone was co…

Saurabh Parihar, CSCP
Head – Physical Distribution at L’Oréal Middle East
Veer has brought the ” Business & Strategy Simulation” program to our campus as a part of our MBA program. Veer’s in depth knowledge in business had helped us understand the idea and use this program to our benefit at the highest level. A very good program with a very good mentor.

Rakesh Bhunatar
Investment Banking at Mirae Asset Capital Markets (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Thanks Prof Mehta – this was a wonderful and most interesting program. Excellent coverage of topics, amazing program delivery. Never a dull moment. I highly recommend this program.

Prafull Raghuwanshi
Insurance Regulatory Change Manager, MBA & Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Mr Veer holds deep knowledge and high understanding of  Business Simulations. The tool is exceptionally great for understanding planning and product implementation strategies. He is well aware of market nuances and his knowledge sharing has helped students understand Strategic Management.

Samir Saini
Professor Mehta is one of the most energetic & motivational instructors I have come across. The capstone course which he conducted for us was a brilliant simulation of real world business at an accelerated pace. His insights and inputs were invaluable at each stage of the process and he ensured that the..

Rahul Goel
COO at Mayfair Insurance Rwanda
I was fortunate enough to attend the training programme conducted by Veer Mehta in Feb 2012 in Bangalore. Mr. Veer is master of his subject who is always very helpful & never hesitated to help us even in late nights. He is always cheerful & instill a positive environment in the class room. I have benefited..