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The Antidote to Competition and Change

The key to staying ahead of the curve in fluid and competitive times


Stay ahead of the curve in a fluid and competitive world

Raging Competition and Change or Boundless Opportunity?

Intelligent and adaptive are the defining imperatives of businesses today. Progressive organizations are defining new markets and breaking into them with pioneering products and services. Going forward some will identify and seize opportunities where others will see insurmountable challenges. Our managers’ abilities to think strategically, innovatively and creatively is turning out to be foundational and inescapable skill to navigate this dynamic maze.

Intended Audience

Middle and Senior level Managers and Leaders.

Middle and Senior level managers and high potentials are ideal candidates, as well as high potentials and successful professionals who have excelled in their specialized disciplines – engineering, HR, IT, R&D, sales, HR, manufacturing, supply chain – and are assuming expanded management responsibilities. It can also be an excellent refresher and a valuable eye-opener for experienced managers, even if they already have business degrees.

Quick Facts

  • Duration: Two options are available:
    • 1 day format (without simulation)
    • 2 day format (with strategy/strategic thinking simulation)
  • Batch Size: Min 24, Max 40 participants
  • Customized: Extensively to your key learning objectives.
  • Location: In-house program at venue provided by client organization
  • Investment: Dependent on format, scope, content and customization

Participant Benefits

  • Powerful & Structured Strategic Business Analysis & Decision Making
  • Generate & Sustain Competitive Advantage
  • Out-think the Competition; Understand and Profit from Change
  • Conceptualize Complexity, Connect Phenomena, See Trends
  • Engender Fresh and Powerful New Thinking
  • Uncover Potential and Create Opportunities

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Strategy and Strategic Thinking: Thriving in scenarios of competition, uncertainty, fluidity, change and complexity
  • Thinking like a Business Consultant: A clear understanding of how the business actually makes money and understanding business models and variables of the future
  • Cross Functional Understanding and Mindset: Unifying business functions and lines for a thriving integrated business
  • Enhanced Market based Decision Making Skills : Analyse, spot, interpret and harness business opportunities.
  • Customer and Competitor Focus: Effective responses to changes in these key variables.
  • Financial and Commercial  Acumen : Comfort with numbers, financials and metrics

Benefits to Your Organization

Strategic Thinking elevates good leaders to exceptional performers. This program will help participant organizations:

  • Generate and sustain competitive advantage for superior firm performance
    Turn tactical professionals into strategic leaders
  • Engender fresh and powerful thinking and capture the competitive benefits of strategic thinking, business acumen and entrepreneurship in the workplace
  • Develop managers/leaders who can :
    • Better analyse competitors, customers, scenarios and key variables.
    • Recognise opportunities, evaluate potential and create value
    • Foster growth and innovation and respond effectively to new circumstances
    • Make more confident and creative decisions in pursuit of profitable growth

Detailed Topical Coverage and Session Flow

Would you like more detailed information? Learn More

Developing Strategic Thinking Skills : A Winning Mindset

Any management competency framework in today competitive world includes a healthy dose of business acumen, financial acumen and strategic thinking. As uncertainty and fluidity grows in leading to a VUCA world, strategic thinking skills are essential. Our strategic thinking training programs, workshops and courses would help develop these competencies in a compelling and enduring manner. Developing and honing strategic thinking, business acumen, financial acumen, commercial acumen are key to effective managerial performance today. Strategic thinking for managers and leaders is foundational today. Our strategic thinking programs are one of the most highly acclaimed in India today.

The Capsim Capstone Business Guide

Unravel the tapestry of business strategy with Capsim’s Capstone. Engross yourself in R&D explorations, marketing tactics, and financial maneuvers. An indispensable tool for MBA graduates and business magnates, Capstone offers a panoramic view of corporate success. Forge your path, make informed decisions, and watch your virtual empire flourish.”

Capsim Capstone Business Simulation India is a challenging but rewarding experience. It will help you develop your business skills and learn how to make sound business decisions. If you are serious about learning business, then Capsim Capstone Business Simulation India is the best way to do it.