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A transformational intervention for your
Middle and Senior Level


Intended Audience

Middle and Senior level Managers and Leaders.

Middle and Senior level managers and high potentials are ideal candidates, as well as high potentials and successful professionals who have excelled in their specialized disciplines – engineering, HR, IT, R&D, sales, HR, manufacturing, supply chain – and are assuming expanded management responsibilities. It can also be an excellent refresher and a valuable eye-opener for experienced managers, even if they already have business degrees.

Quick Facts

  • Duration: Two options are available:
    • 1 day format (without simulation)
    • 2 day format (with Business Acumen simulation)
  • Batch Size: Min 24, Max 40 participants
  • Customized: Extensively to your key learning objectives.
  • Location: In-house program at venue provided by client organization
  • Investment: Dependent on format, scope, content and customization

Participant Benefits

  • Confidence for Enlarged Scope and Depth of Roles/ Responsibilities
  • Enhanced Market Orientation, Business Competence & Confidence
  • Astute Business & Commercial Acumen
  • Thinking Backwards from Revenue, Cost, Profits & Cash
  • Powerful and Structured Strategic Business Analysis & Decision Making
  • Uncover New Business Potential and Create Opportunities
  • Out-think the Competition, Understand and Profit from Change
  • Engender Fresh and Powerful New Thinking

Key Learning Outcomes

Programs are customized to the learning goals. Typical key learning outcomes include:

  • Thinking like a Business Consultant: A clear understanding of how the business actually makes money and understanding business models and variables
  • Cross Functional Understanding and Mindset: Unifying business functions and lines for a thriving integrated business
  • Enhanced Market based Decision Making Skills: Analyse, spot, interpret and harness business opportunities.
  • Strategy and Strategic Thinking: Thriving in scenarios of competition, uncertainty, fluidity, change and complexity.
  • Customer and Competitor Focus: Effective responses to changes in these key variables.
  • Financial and Commercial  Acumen : Comfort with numbers, financials and metrics

Benefits to Your Organization

Business Acumen and Strategic thinking elevates good leaders to exceptional performers.

  • Turn tactical managers into powerful business leaders
  • Engender fresh and powerful thinking and capture the competitive benefits of business acumen, strategic thinking and entrepreneurship in the workplace
  • Develop leaders who can :
    • Recognise opportunities, evaluate potential and create value
    • Foster growth and innovation and respond effectively to new circumstances
    • Make more confident and creative decisions in pursuit of profitable growth
    • Develop a long-term plan for the growth and sustainability of the organization with a more insightful, astute, confident and engaged middle and senior management team

Detailed Topical Coverage and Session Flow

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Understanding Business with Capsim Capstone

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Capsim Capstone Business Simulation India presents a challenging yet highly rewarding learning experience, equipping you with essential business skills and decision-making prowess. It is the premier choice for dedicated business learners.

The SmartThink program - BusinessThink