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Team Member Guide

How can we organize our company?

Each team member can assume one or more roles.

  • Product Manager: Responsible for one of the five products in your starting product line.
  • Segment Manager: Responsible for one of the five market segments.
  • Functional Manager: Responsible for R&D, Marketing, Production, or Finance.
  • Competitive Intelligence Officer: Responsible for predicting the behavior of one or more of your competitors.

You are free to decide how to organize your company. The chart below shows a company organized via Functional Managers (it includes additional modules which might not be used in your simulation). Your company might prefer to make R&D, Marketing and Production decisions via Product Managers, Segment Managers, or an amalgamation of Functional, Product and Segment Managers. However you choose to organize, keep in mind that clearly defined work assignments increase efficiency and improve communication.