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Inventing Sensors

New products are assigned a name (click in the first cell that reads NA in the name column), performance, size and MTBF. Of course, these specifications should conform to the criteria of the intended market segment. The name of all new products must have the same first letter of the company name.

The Production Department must order production capacity to build the new product one year in advance. Invention projects take at least one year to complete.

All new products require capacity and automation, which should be purchased by the Production Department in the year prior to the product’s revision (release) date. If you don’t buy the assembly line the year prior to its introduction, you cannot manufacture your new product!

It is not possible to produce new products prior to the revision date. A new product with a revision date of July 1 will be produced in the second half of the year. The capacity and automation will stand idle for the first half of the year.

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