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4.1.3 A Sensor’s Age

It is possible for a product to go from an age of 4 years to 2 years. How can that be? When a product is moved on the Perceptual Map, customers perceive the repositioned product as newer and improved, but not brand new. As a compromise, customers cut the age in half. If the product’s age is 4 years, on the day it is repositioned, its age becomes 2 years. Therefore, you can manage the age of a product by repositioning the product. It does not matter how far the product moves. Aging commences from the revision date.

Changing the MTBF alone will not affect a product’s age.

Age criteria vary from segment to segment. For example, if a segment prefers an age of 2 years and the product’s age approaches 3 years, customers will lose interest (see Figure 3.4). Repositioning the product drops the age from 3 to 1.5 years, and customers will become interested again.

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