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5.6 Market Share Report

The Market Share Report (page 10) details sales volume in all segments, reporting each product’s actual and potential sales. Did your company under produce? If the actual percentage for your product is less than the potential, you missed sales opportunities. If your actual is greater than your potential, your competitors under produced and you picked up sales that otherwise would have gone to them.

5.7 Perceptual Map

The Perceptual Map (page 11) displays all the segments and every product in the industry.

Are your products competitively positioned?

5.8 Other Reports

The HR/TQM/Sustainability Report displays investments and results when the optional TQM/Sustainability, Human Resources and/or Labor Negotiation modules are activated (see Chapter 7).

If simulation plug-ins are scheduled, the results will also display. For example, the Ethics Plug-in Report shows report shows the impacts of each company’s decisions (see Chapter 8).

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