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7.1 TQM/Sustainability

TQM (Total Quality Management)/Sustainability initiatives can reduce material, labor and administrative costs, shorten the length of time required for R&D projects to complete and increase demand for the product line. The impacts of the investments produce returns in the year they are made and in each of the following years.

The two sustainability-oriented initiatives, the UNEP Green Program and GEMI TQEM, can lower labor and material costs. The UNEP Green Program also can improve customer perceptions about your company, which leads to increased sales. The remaining initiatives can also increase efficiency and lower costs.

Your company needs to determine which initiatives best serve its purposes. If you are keeping automation levels low so R&D projects complete more quickly, you might want to invest in areas that lower labor costs (for example, Quality Initiative Training). If your company is competing in the high technology segments, with high material costs, you might consider initiatives that reduce material costs (for example, Continuous Process Improvement). To maximize the effect, companies should find complementary initiatives and invest in each of them. For example, to reduce material costs, companies should consider investing in both CPI Systems and GEMI TQEM Sustainability.

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